Ryan Ferguson

Ryan Ferguson
Before getting involved in Agile software delivery, Ryan gathered early experience in IT Operations in all roles from helpdesk technician through Systems Engineer. The frequent delivery & maintenance challenges he experienced firsthand in IT Ops drove him to pursue his MBA, his PMP, his SPC, and to become a DevOps enthusiast, advocate, and coach. Ryan has personally managed multi-million dollar technology investments in hardware, software delivery teams, and data centers. Since 2011, Ryan has helped companies ranging from 20-person startups to Fortune 100 enterprises create Agile transformations and integrate DevOps thinking into their decision making, improvement processes, and culture. Ryan is a big fan of Clemson Tigers Football.

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The 4 Must-Dos for Leading a Safe and Successful DevOps Transformation

Posted by Ryan Ferguson on Sep 24, 2020 1:28:56 PM

When a company invests in DevOps, it’s investing in speed: speed to market, speed to new ideas, speed to respond, and speed to recover. DevOps is a lot like roller coasters, sports cars, or anything else that goes zoom — if you don’t first build in safety, nobody will be comfortable going fast. The consequences of disregarding this could be disastrous, and it is up to leadership to provide that support and vision to ensure a successful transformation.

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