Rodger Koopman

Rodger Koopman
With over 30 years in technology, Rodger started his career as an Air Force officer developing weapons guidance systems and global terrestrial & satellite networks, working strategically in counter-terrorism at the joint DoD level. After retiring from the Air Force, Rodger was an early employee in two successful start-ups and a key participant in five mergers & acquisitions. When Itron acquired Rodger's first startup, he was tasked by Itron's CEO to move to Raleigh, NC to lead and re-organize Itron's R&D office. Rodger has led numerous successful implementations of highly effective agile practices and automated DevOps pipelines in both startups and multiple Fortune 100 companies. Now an Enterprise Coach, Rodger is a certified SAFe 4.6 Program & DevOps Consultant (SPC, SPD) and certifed AgilityHealth Facilitator. He holds master's degrees in Computer Information Systems from Boston University and Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma. He was an adjunct Computer Science faculty member for three years at the University of Maryland and four years at Rose State College, OK. His wife is an Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel and Veterinarian.

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The Essence of Servant Leadership

Posted by Rodger Koopman on Nov 11, 2020 8:48:48 AM

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins studies what differentiates great companies from good companies. The answer? Great leadership.

I’m not surprised. Not only did I spend 15 years in the world’s greatest leadership laboratory (the U.S. military), but I have also worked for some fantastic people whose leadership had obvious positive impacts on their organizations. So what did I learn over the course of 30-odd years while working with some amazing leaders? It’s simple—leadership matters, especially servant leadership. Servant leaders put the needs of others first to meet the collective goals of the company. Without great (or at least good) servant leadership, organizations fail.

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3 Agile Strategies to Deal with Difficult Management

Posted by Rodger Koopman on Dec 5, 2019 9:58:41 AM

As a member of an Agile Team, have you ever had one of the following complaints about management?

  • Their deadlines are too tight.
  • Their expectations are unfair because they don’t follow Agile processes.
  • They don’t take time to learn more about the work that’s being done.

It’s true, management can be a pain what have you done about it?

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A Coach's Guide to Spreading Agility through the Enterprise

Posted by Rodger Koopman on Sep 24, 2019 9:58:49 AM

How does a Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) Transformation stick and sustain? An important key to success is having communicative leaders who commit to organizational culture change. While this commitment is best obtained from the C-suite or VPs early in the sales cycle, it is also the hardest. SAFe Transformations tend to start and stop in the IT department, where the primary goal is to produce a faster software development lifecycle.

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