Mitch Malloy

Mitch Malloy
Mitchell "Mitch" Malloy has 25+ years in the software industry. A Coach and Mentor for 10+ years, he keeps a focus on value, an eye for excellence, and a passion for people. Since the 1990s, Mitch practiced Agile techniques while growing in his own Agile journey. He has led and participated in numerous Agile Transformations for companies of all sizes, where he has mentored others in Agile values, principles and techniques. As an SPC and SDP, he is certified to train and mentor Teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Product Managers, developing Lean-Agile leaders. Drawing from his depth and breadth of experiences, Mitch has: managed technology as a Naval Officer, taught applications and programming to high school students, and developed software as a Technical Lead. He has coached youth and high school sports and has mentored teenagers as a Youth Pastor. Mitch enjoys working with and cultivating teams of all sizes, but his primary team and greatest accomplishments are his 5 children and grandchildren that he and his wife have raised together.

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5 Little Changes that Make a Big Difference in your SAFe® Transformation

Posted by Mitch Malloy on Jun 11, 2019 8:25:39 AM

A colleague suggested I write this article, and I quickly agreed, thinking to myself, “No sweat! There are so many little things that can make a big difference. I can type this out in no time.”

Now pause. Go back and review that last thought. Do you see a flaw in my logic here? “There are so many little things...I can type this out in no time.” Did I really think a long list of things would make this task any easier? That it would make the writing process fly by?

It took me three weeks to write this article. The fact that there are so many small changes that can have a huge impact on a SAFe® Transformation made my heart beat a little faster every time I thought about it. I kept putting my thoughts down and picking them up again, and the list kept growing and growing.

Isn’t this similar to any organizational transformation (or any large initiative, for that matter)? Every good idea gets added onto the transformation until you aren’t sure where to start or end. Ideas grow and take on lives of their own, spawning more ideas. The resulting list can become overwhelming, potentially frightening those involved and even driving them to resist.

Fortunately, the solution to my problem and the organizational transformation problem above are the same: put on your Product Thinking Cap and prioritize ruthlessly, coming up with a short, doable list of the most important things that can make the greatest impact. Your list doesn’t have to be perfect or comprehensive, but as you focus on small efforts with the biggest impact, you will begin to move forward in the right direction.

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