Jim Camden

Jim Camden
Jim has over 35 years helping large and small companies solve painful problems in technical and organizational areas. His early career was in software for large and complex mission critical systems. He was a developer, designer, architect, and business analyst. Jim has been intrigued by the human side of technology success for the last 20 years, which led him to Agile and SAFe. He is motivated by observing successful SAFe Transformations in organizations that benefit in tangible ways from their efforts. As a coach, he has seen the organizations he works with gain clarity in what matters and what doesn't, and then concentrate on the former. These principles are so powerful that they work when adopted in any organization—in every sub-group, in any industry, at every level, whether co-located or distributed—despite the current level of Agile maturity within the organization and regardless of the current structure. The key is to have a coach that can make them real to you and your people.

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Agile—What's in It for the Teams?

Posted by Jim Camden on Dec 10, 2019 9:19:02 AM

As a coach who helps implement Agile and the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe), I’ve encountered many organizations where the product development teams (software and otherwise) are not immediately sold on Agile change. Agile tends to appeal more to the business side, less so to the ones doing the work. Why is this?

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