Jess Brock

Jess Brock
Jess is a dynamic Agile Coach and SPC5 with over 15 years experience in the Application Development space. In addition to serving as an Agile Coach, she has served as a developer, business analyst, scrum master, product owner, organizational leader, and technical instructor. Former Agile skeptic, Jess was eventually convinced by a colleague to give Agile an honest try more than a decade ago. At that time, she was an IT manager buried in arbitrary processes and overrun by a fire hose of requests. Once her team experienced immediate tangible benefits by switching to Agile, Agile became personal to Jess. In fact, she continues to passionately contribute to the broader Agile conversation through mediums like her weekly online newsletter, Agile Curated Throughout her career Jess has worked closely with leadership on areas such as culture building, technical strategy, and product development and has led multiple SAFe Transformations. However, her latest fixation is on immersive learning Dojos. She has been keen on driving long-standing Agile and Technical skill building using a team's backlog and particular growth opportunities as the training material. Jess says, "The combination of hands-on training coupled with the team’s actual work is a powerful way to sustainably transform an organizational’s agility from the inside out. Hello World exercises often do not engage people enough to create a noticeable impact."Jess attributes her diverse career experience as one of her greatest strengths as a coach because it enables her to coach organizations with sincere empathy. The fact is she’s probably “been there before” which gives her a unique ability to truly meet people where they are at. Jess has been characterized as a coach who “demystifies Agile" in a way that is approachable by all. 

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How to Spot a Great Agile Coach (and a not-so-great one)

Posted by Jess Brock on Dec 10, 2020 12:26:02 PM

About a month back, I wrote an article called One Year as a Dojo Coach. I threw some shade at external Agile Coaches, aka consultants. It went like this:

“Traditionally, Agile transformations and trainings involve consultants...who come in to shake things up and throw out abstract concepts for people to nod at. The coaches do not feel the organization’s pain. The advice is not actionable. They speak from white papers that follow the happy path and not the real path.

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