Charles Osburn

Charles Osburn
Charles started working with XP teams in 2006. Since that introduction to Agile practices, he has held the positions of Scrum Master, RTE, Product Owner and Agile Coach working with Teams, Release Trains, Product Teams and Enterprise Transformations. In the past several years he has focused on supporting scaled Agile adoption in the Financial, Health Care, Pharmaceutical and Power Generation industries. Currently, Charles has added Gestalt coaching to his practice and is working on an ICF certification. Charles works with all levels of the Organization to promote advanced Agile practices. He provides support to help clients better understand attitudinal, process, and tool options that allow improved Agile execution. In Charles cosmology, Outcomes are critical to support Mastery, Purpose and Autonomy in the client organization. He believes there is an important Human component to execution that can be summarized as “this is our personal journey to deal beautifully with the Rate of Change in the world around us.”

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Agile Coaching & Organizational Healing

Posted by Charles Osburn on Apr 23, 2019 12:07:26 PM

As Agile Coaches we are constantly faced with the responsibility of training, mentoring, facilitating, and coaching.  I’m going to suggest that coaching is about raising awareness in an organization, with clients who are whole and well.  The client has everything they need to accomplish what they desire.  As their coach, we are helping them expand their awareness in a way and at a rate they can fully accept. Each client will develop their own path forward. 

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