Top 6 Benefits of Working with an Agile Coach

Nov 2, 2022

Every organization trying to achieve business agility has unique needs and one thing always remains constant – companies new to agile transformations highly benefit by beginning the journey with seasoned, experienced agile coaches who can guide them on their way.

Training employees is always crucial, but It’s important for your organization to partner with an external SAFe® consultant like ICON Agility Services as you begin implementing these new agile principles and practices. In doing so, your teams will begin at a much more sustainable pace with a third party to remove impediments that may not be clear when you look at them from the inside-out.

But, why use ICON Agility coaches for your transition to Agile practices instead of any other? Below are six unique benefits of working with an ICON Agility coach that we proudly endorse.

Here are the 6 benefits of working
with an ICON Agile Coach

1. Vetted Experience

We are a senior level firm so there’s nothing they haven’t seen. Often, successful agile professionals have worked with a variety of companies in many different industries. On average, SAFe® agile coaches that come from ICON have 10+ years of experience in some of the most challenging environments.

2. Result-Driven Guidance

As opposed to short-term training, our agility practitioners quickly identify and coach away common anti-patterns for long-term agile performance. By eliminating these upfront impediments, professional agile coaches from ICON are able to provide the context for your organization’s agile transformation that can speed up those quick wins that your senior leadership is looking for.

3. Company Culture Gurus

ICON’s agile practitioners work with many different companies throughout their career. Our SAFe® coaches have strategically worked at all levels of development with varying company cultures. They understand that culture eats strategy for breakfast. By applying ways to create a focus on employee experience, mindset and culture change manifests at a more rapid pace. Because SAFe® is for employees too, the shift to an agile culture starts at development.

4. Range of Specialization

While all professional agile practitioners have a wide breadth of experience, each coach possesses more specialized experience in different areas, techniques, and mentorship. Whether it’s a need for leadership, DevOps, or even technical needs, ICON Agility coaches have the specialization to meet your company’s unique requirements.

5. Tenured Track Record

It’s true that a well-tempered agile coach often has tried and tested experience, but they also have a significant tenure working with ICON. The vast majority of our agile coaches have been with us for 7 years or more – our most senior practitioners even extend past the 25-year-mark. Why is this important? It creates a consistent approach among ICON coaches, a deep trust, and the ability for our team to learn from one another.

6. A Mentor and a Partner

As Thought Leaders, agile coaches have a tremendous responsibility to provide guidance, deploy the SAFe® methodology, and regulate a sustainable transformation. Creating high-quality products and exceeding customer expectations is just the beginning of business process improvement. A professional agile coach from ICON can see where your agile journey is headed and will lead you down the path of self-sustaining transformation.

So, how do you get started?

Start with what you have. There are many more benefits that can come from making use of a professional agile coach, but if you’d like to see those benefits in your organization, take a moment to review your agile transformation plan.

ICON is recognized as one of the Top Scaled Agile implementation partners in the world and the very first leading Scaled Agile Network Partner. Our expertise (and the expertise of ICON Agility coaches) is quite literally unmatched. For about 30 years, organizations have trusted ICON to implement agile best practices and to deliver their business transformation at an effective pace. ICON can help you build a high-performing SAFe® team as you expand.

If you’d like to learn more about the type of coach that would fit your unique cultural needs, just talk to one! We are happy to set up an introductory call so you can see if one of our coaches might be right for you. Reach out to our team directly at