ICON Agility Services named a 2022 Top Workplace

July 8, 2022

ICON Agility Services was awarded a 2022 Top Workplaces honor by The St. Louis Post Dispatch and STLtoday. All winners were featured in a special section on Sunday, June 26, and online at STLtoday.com. The list is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey that measures 15 culture drivers critical to the success of any organization. This award comes authentically from our team, they were given a voice to be heard, and we are honored and proud of the results.

We sat down and chatted with our recruitment department to share insight into our culture and recruitment process. In this brief interview, we learn what they look for when recruiting a new coach or team member, the steps to the hiring process, their opinions on why we made the Top Workplaces list, and why they love recruiting top talent for ICON.

Ed Barber

I have been with ICON for 23 years. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason, I think, is the people I get to work with. From the people in the home office that keep the company running and, most importantly, working with clients to identify my next opportunity to the awesome consultants they bring together for each client engagement. They treat me like a family member, not just a “resource.”

Question: Agile Transformation Coaches, on average, stay with ICON for 10+ years. Why do you think that is?

MB: Easy! We don’t view them as resources but as what they are. Talented human beings with unique skillsets! When I’m on the phone with someone, I know they just got it when they give me an “I remember this one time…” So if anybody hits me with that, I listen! I’ll start to notice if the story matches one of our client’s Transformation needs, and when I can begin to create a match, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved! It’s not about the hours and how many days – it’s about elevating someone and helping them find something they love so they never have to work.

BL: When you work at ICON, you are more than a number. We see you as an individual with endless potential and want to help you succeed! When ICON demonstrates this people-oriented mentality, coaches don’t want to leave. We offer lasting relationships.

Question: What qualities do you look for when searching for a new Coach?

MB: I look for empathetic, optimistic, and enthusiastic people every time I take a call. We all have to play the game and be professional, but on the flip side, everyone needs a chance to be themselves. These characteristics are crucial for Transformation efforts. It creates a rich working culture and successful relationships.

BL: We look for outgoing, passionate, and people-oriented individuals.

Question: What is ICON’s Typical Recruitment Process?

Because we are a senior-level SAFe/Agile coaching firm, our team thoroughly assesses background, seniority, and experience. In addition, we complete several interviews to determine culture fit and past experiences that might fit within an ICON client’s transformational journey.

2022 Top Workplaces

  1. Contact for an initial conversation with our recruitment team begins with a submitted resume. Submissions come directly from the website, referrals from current ICON Coaches, or LinkedIn outreaches. Once the resume has been reviewed for relevant experience (typical ICON Transformation Coaches have 10+ years), a recruitment team member will reach out and initiate the first conversation. Applicants should expect a more “laid back” type of conversation – Mike and Blake want to learn about them and their passions and make sure they find the right fit for our client and the candidate.
  2. After the initial conversation, a vetting process and the first technical interview with an experienced ICON Coach will begin. The first technical interview will dive deeply into the candidate’s past roles and responsibilities. In addition, this interview is an opportunity for potential candidates to network with current ICON experts.
  3. The third interview will occur with the ICON client’s Lead Transformation Coach. When connected for this second round, the ICON Lead will share information based on the overall project, how mature in SAFe the client is, and the expectations for the role. In addition, they will get a sense of the candidate’s ability to adapt to the current climate.
  4. The final conversation will be between the account lead and the potential candidate (recruitment will continue to stay as active as possible). Through this discussion, we will establish the final Terms of Agreement.
  5. With the candidate’s approval, ICON will submit them to the client. Once submitted, the candidate will follow the procedures and policies of our client’s interview processes. ICON Agility will continue to act as the candidate’s advocate the entire step of the way!

Question: What brought you to ICON?

MB: My professional journey began as a school teacher, where I was passionate about creating communities of learners and good humans. In 2018, I interviewed with ICON Agility Services and became the recruitment lead. My passion as a teacher helps me present the best possible candidates for ICON’s clients.

BL: I have a passion for helping individuals grow. ICON is a leader in the world of Scaled Agile, but also in building relationships. I love building relationships and assisting individuals in growing their career paths. ICON allows me to help individuals grow as we grow together!

Question: What do you love the most about your job as an ICON recruiter?

MB: Recruiting at ICON has been nothing short of rewarding! Each day I meet people worldwide who bring unique skills to the table. ICON encourages me to empathize with each person and emphasize the importance of finding the perfect career path to fit their specific skill set. Finding the approach that works best for our coaches is essential to ICON. We have open discussions with each individual to ensure we meet their expectations. Through these conversations, we can determine how to work with one another, allowing all parties involved to align in the best ways possible for everyone to benefit! Open communication has significantly reduced our candidates’ stress levels. They feel they can take control of their life and know they will be able to make massive impacts on all of ICON’s clients. The team is always pleased to meet people where they are and be an advocate for them. This approach has grown our success and allows us to draw in top talent!

BL: I love meeting so many people worldwide, all with different stories, journeys, and paths. It’s such a blessing every day to get to know all the people I talk to and help them grow in their careers!

ICON Agility Services would like to thank our coaches and team members for making us a Top Workplace of 2022.

If you are interested in learning more about ICON Agility Services and joining our worldwide team of Agile Leaders, email Mike Bellinger or Blake Lawson at recruiting@iconagility.com for more information about our open opportunities.

In management science, there is a concept referred to as “conditioning your audience,” meaning that people tend to behave to the level of your expectations. As you send subtle, subconscious messages, your audience can become “trained” in a certain behavior. For example, if you treat someone like a child, then this person will likely begin acting like one. Without respectful but assertive dialog, you wind up “training” your leadership to walk all over you. They will keep asking you to do things, because you tend to say “Yes.” The better option is to engage and provide context. The results will surprise you.