2020 SAFe® Summit Presentation: Strategy to Execution – Business Owners are the Key

Nov 24, 2020

We must break down silos to achieve Business Agility within the Lean Enterprise together. The business plays a key role in this journey. Although the role of the Business Owner is a first-class citizen and an essential part of the framework, many times they are an afterthought.

In this talk, you will to learn more about how to engage and integrate the business from the outset based-on successful, real world implementations.

Key Takeaways and Objectives

  • How Business connects strategy to execution
  • Business Responsibilities
  • The balancing act between Business, Product and Architeture
  • Where Business participates in framework flow
  • Business Owner participation ahead of PI Planning, during the PI Event and PI Execution

Presented at the Global SAFe® Summit Oct 27, 2020.

Video shared with permission from Scaled Agile, Inc. View original link.

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